Thursday night out in my new Chloe shoes or Thursday night in reading Les Liaisons Dangereuses? @chloe

Thursday night, staying in or going out?

I decided to stay in and to enjoy reading a classic ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ from Laclos one more time.

Thursday night out in my new Chloe shoes or Thursday night in reading Les Liaisons Dangereuses? @chloe

If you’re not a big fan of literature, but feel like you should increase your knowledge of classic french authors, Laclos is for you. Les Liaisons Dangereuse (Dangerous Liaison) is an epistolary novel first published in 1782. The story of the book, depicting characters using seduction as a game to manipulate others, was very controversial at the time. It showed the decadence of the aristocracy. Through letters between the different characters, you will discover the extent of the Ancien Régime perversion and the limits of their game when love is involved. Very instructive and captivating… A must read.

Extract 1

” We get bored with everything, my angel, it’s a law of nature: it’s not my fault.
’So now if I’m bored by an affair which has completely absorbed me for four solid months, it’s not my fault.
’If, for instance, the extent of my love has exactly matched the extent of your virtue—and that’s certainly saying a great deal—it’s not surprising that they have both run out at the same time. It’s not my fault.
’The result is that I’ve been deceiving you for some time now; but in fact it was your dogged devotion which somehow forced me to! It’s not my fault.
’And now a woman whom I desperately love is insisting that I give you up. It’s not my fault.
’I’m well aware that this gives you an excellent opportunity to cry foul; but if Nature granted men only constancy while endowing women with stubbornness, it’s not my fault.
’Take my advice, do like me and get yourself another lover. This is good advice, in fact, it’s very good advice: if you don’t like it, it’s not my fault.
’Farewell, my angel. I’ve enjoyed having you and I’ve no regrets at leaving you. I may come back to you. That’s the way of the world. It’s not my fault.’ ”

Extract 2

“I shall possess this woman; I shall steal her from the husband who profanes her: I will even dare ravish her from the God whom she adores. What delight, to be in turns the object and the victor of her remorse! Far be it from me to destroy the prejudices which sway her mind! They will add to my happiness and my triumph. Let her believe in virtue, and sacrifice it to me; let the idea of falling terrify her, without preventing her fall; and may she, shaken by a thousand terrors, forget them, vanquish them only in my arms.”


  1. PS: Gefährliche Liebschaften von Choderlos de Laclos ist übrigens eines meiner Lieblingsbücher – kann ich nur jedem wärmstens empfehlen!

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