Cake Pops – Check Out The Recipe Here 🍑🍑

A delicious Recipe for Cake Pops

A short video to show you how to make Cake Pops yourself, very quick and easy

Cake Pop Recipe


300g Stirred Cake (you can buy it in the grocery shop)
60g Soft Butter
70g Icing Sugar
140g Double Cream Cheese
150g Dark Chocolate Couverture
Sprinkles that you like
18 Wooden Sticks


Make crumbs out of the stirred cake.
Mix soft butter, icing sugar and double cream cheese and stir it for 3 minutes.
Mix the crumbs of the stirred cake with the double cream cheese mixture, make sure that it does not stick on your hands.
Divide the mass into 18 little pieces and form little balls. Place them on a plate and put them for 30 minutes into the fridge.
Meanwhile prepare the dark chocolate couverture on a bain-marie.
Dip the wooden sticks approximately 1 cm deep into the dark chocolate couverture and stick them into the balls. Put them back into the fridge for another 15 minutes.
Dip the Cake-Pops into the dark chocolate couverture and keep turning them so that the chocolate is spread regularly on the Cake-Pops and decorate them with sprinkles that you like,
Place them in a ja or glass and put them back into the fridge, so that the chocolate gets hard.

Take them out – serve them – enjoy them


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