Hawaiian breakfast time 🌺

Hawaiian Breakfast – Goofy Cafe & Dine

🌴☀️ Aloha 🌴☀️
Ma is taking you to an amazing Hawaiian breakfast & lunch experience in Waikiki, Hawaii 😍

That's how Ma's Hawaiian morning started ️ Sending you now some delicious breakfast vibes Check out or blog to read soon about this authentic Hawaiian food spot


Goofy Cafe & Dine
1831 Ala Moana Blvd
96815 Honolulu
United States

Goofy is not a cafe that you would spot from walking by because it is not located directly by the street. It is a bit hidden and therefore most people go there because they heard or read about it. That’s how Ma discovered this awesome place. She looked on Instagram for fancy and typical breakfast spots around Waikiki and Goofy appeared first. So for sure this was the place where Ma went for her first breakfast on Hawaii to give it a try. She had to queue for 30 minutes, but this is a good sign and it was absolutely worth it.
The food was awesome like you can see on the Instagram picture but look at those pictures now…the interior decor of this cafe is just lovely 😍. Fits so so good to Hawaii 🏄🏽. Ma felt so well there!




The choice on the menu is not very big but this is awesome. Selecting the perfect breakfast treat is not that difficult and moreover you know that the cafe focuses on a few dishes but does those ones very good! And for Goofy this is absolutely the case.

Food choice 🍴:

Ma’s choice:
Veggie Smoothie 🍆🍠
Açai Bowl with berries & banana 🍓🍌 (what else 😉 it is part of Ma’s daily food routine)

Ma’s boyfriend choice:
Local iced coffee ☕️
Egg Benedict with sweat potatoes 🍳

Everything was delicious and very filling. No need to have a lunch that day because the breakfast was so well served!

After that awesome breakfast experience and having a sneak view on the lunch menu, Ma and her boyfriend decided to come back to Goofy for lunch 🍽.


For lunch the queue was a bit shorter but again worth the wait. The waitress even recognized Ma and her boyfriend which is absolutely an extra point worth.
By the way, what is important to mention and what Ma loves in every single restaurant in the US is that you get iced water when you sit down without even asking and as much as you want. Should be introduced in Europe, especially in Germany 💦. Back to the lunch choice from Ma and her boyfriend.
Ma decided to have an Açai smoothie with soy milk since she skipped breakfast and needed absolutely her portion of Açai that morning 😋and her boyfriend went for a local beer 🍺.
As dish, Ma chose the “Green Spaghetti” – Spaghetti with homemade pesto, macadamia nuts, Parmesan cheese and little shrimps.
Ma’s boyfriend had “Garlic Shrimps” with fried rice and corn 🌽. The shrimps could be eaten with head and tail 🍤.

After having tried out breakfast and lunch at Goofy – Ma really wants to try out dinner! She nominates Goofy Cafe & Dine as her number one food spot in Waikiki 👍🏼 must go when you are spending time in paradise (Hawaii Waikiki 🌴☀️). Mahalo 🤗.


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