A summer salad on a beautiful day 🌞 Check out Co’s new recipe

Summer Salad – Fresh Recipe for a Healthy Meal
A summer salad on a beautiful day 🌞 melon, egg, cherry tomatoes, roquette, olives etc recipe on our blog very soon

When summer sun is out, warming our skins and making us show our bikinis, what’s best than a light summer salad to keep a healthy nutrition & thinking about our body ? 🌞

I created this salad thinking about this, but also about getting enough energy to spend a day outside, on the beach or doing other activities.

Ready for a delicious meal? Here we go:

The Sauce

I started making the sauce with the following ingredients (you can put more or less of each depending on the quantity you are preparing and your preferences): Olive oil, Linseed oil, White wine vinegar, Balsamic vinegar, Mustard (traditional with seeds), Dry Tomato paste (this is the key ingredient to a delicious and original sauce) , Garlic powder, Herb mix for Salad, Salt, Pepper, Fresh Basil
Mix it well and don’t forget to taste and add more to it as you go to make sure you like it πŸ™‚

Make sure to keep the salad ingredients and the salad sauce separate until everything is ready – this will keep the salad fresh and avoid the salad leaves to become all soaked by the sauce


The Salad

The base of the salad is a simple Rocket (or Arugula) Salad that I rinsed in cold water to make sure it was clean (I always do this, even if the package says ready to eat). For the taste of freshness and the sweet side, I decided to add some Melon to my salad – I know this is unusual, but I love combining fruits and vegetables in the salad, I find it makes the whole more interesting in taste. Cut it in small cubes (I used 1/3 of a whole melon for a 1-person salad).

Cut a red spring onion in small slices. Add half a Mozzarella and cut it in small cubes – Mozzarella is one of my favorite cheeses, I add it wherever I can πŸ™ˆ Add the smallest Cherry Tomatoes you find, because they’re the tastiest, and a few Sun dried Tomatoes to add some summer vibes. I also did not forget adding some Black Spanish Olives because i just can’t get enough of them. To finish up with a bit of crunchiness, I roasted some Almonds, Sunflower seeds, Chia seeds, and Pumpkin seeds.

If you’re hungry add a Sunny side up Egg to get some proteins.

Once you’ve got all the ingredients ready, mix everything up in a big bowl and enjoy this fresh salad out in the open !



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