Contemplating the Beauty of the World 🌎 at the top of the Grand Canyon

My trip to Arizona – Grand Canyon Visit

This place is just like a dream… I’ve been sitting here for hours, contemplating the beauty of the world and reflecting in this amazing environment. If you plan to visit Arizona, the Grand Canyon is definitely a must go. Here are a few tips to make your trip even better !

Like in a dream in deep contemplation of this natural wonder 🌎 at the top of the Grand Canyon at sunset It was definitely a must go Happy Sunday everyone! View from the North Rim

My tips for the perfect trip

As stated above, the Grand Canyon is a place you want to go once (or more) in your life, it is the true reflection of natural grandeur, and you don’t want to miss it. However, it is one of most visited site in the US. That means having to share this sheer perfection with thousands of strangers and other tourists. What can you do about it? First of all, you should know that there are two sides of the Grand Canyon, from which you have the amazing expected views:

The South Rim… the most touristic of the two and is truly crowded
-> choose to go there early in the morning, and enjoy the Rim path, which leads you on the edge of the Rim with magnificent views for about 15km (The good thing is that a bus stops every km or so, so that you can decide to climb in if you’re tired, or to select precisely the parts of the path you want to do)
-> other than that I wouldn’t recommend staying in the South Rim village, for the prices are extremely high due to the high demand, and for the simple reason the there are just too many people around for you to enjoy the experience fully


The North Rim… the more quiet side of the Canyon: no huge amounts of touristic buses, no touristic village with hotels, no big food offer
-> Go there because it is less crowded, you will be able to enjoy the views from many different spots – I recommend taking a picnic and finding yourself a nice stone overlooking the Grand Canyon
-> End of afternoon is the best time to go, if the weather is nice you will be able to see amazing lights and colors over the Canyon, perfect for photographer and beauty lovers
-> After enjoying the views, walking around and having had a perfect picnic, go back to the small center and spend the night in the only hotel there is: they’re renting cute cabins that all have a view. They have a beautiful lounge with glass walls, and a relaxing terrace for a drink.
-> The way there is truly surprising, a big deep and very green forest before you arrive at the canyon – you can alternatively find accommodation there (there is a lodge) or camp – it is also beautiful for hiking and observing wild life.

Hope you’ll enjoy the Grand Canyon like I did !


  1. @marylafa Vielen Dank für dein liebes Kompliment. Mein Geheimnis für meine langen Haare ist, dass man die nicht jeden Tag waschen sollte weil sie dadurch kaputt gehen. Außerdem versuche ich natürliche Produkte zu benutzen die eine Honigbasis haben, da alle Markenprodukte viel zu viel Chemie beinhalten!

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