Innocent Super Smoothie & Fruit Toasts 🍞🍌🍓

Breakfast Lover 😍

Good morning everyone A successful day must start with an energizing and beautiful breakfast @innocent

This breakfast is a mix of healthy and as well a bit unhealthy but full of energy. This was needed on that day, it was an exam day and it was in the middle of the week and more exams followed.

Innocent Super Smoothie Energise
3 Pressed Apples, 28 Red and White Grapes, 1 1/2 Mashed Bananas, 7 Crushed Strawberries, 8 Crushed Cherries, 19 Crushed Blackcurrants, a dash of Beetroot Juice, Some milled Flax Seeds, a dash of Guarana Infusion, Vitamins and minerals (B1, B2, B3, B6 and vitamin C)

Fruit Toasts
Toast 1:
Peanut Cream
Multigrain Toast
Chia Seeds
Toast 2:
Chocolate Cream
Multigrain Toast
Chia Seeds

The combination was amazing. The best was the toast with peanut cream, strawberries and chia seeds. Ma redid it a several times.


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